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UPRIGHT, fully clothed and in the light of day — that’s how we would like to see you on Friday July 30th, between 12:30 and 3:30 pm.

Butchart Gardens

Photo by Amber Starfire

We are having a picnic, in honor and in appreciation of you. On the green grass, under a blue sky surrounded by the ancient trees at Fuller Park.

We think you are wonderful and we want to have a chance to visit with you outside our “normal” environs.

We will provide the food and drink. Even if you can only come for a few minutes, bring your kids, your honey, your friends. Very casual, no pressure, but we would like an RSVP so we can know how much food to bring.

There is so much coming and going these days in to the studio. Through, Cathy, Karen, Rosemary, and Wendy, I have vicariously enjoyed visiting Ashland, Oregon.  Have heard adventures and misadventures, thanks to Wendy. Ruth is off to Washington state, permanently relocating.  I will miss you:(

Anne — France, Hawaii, and Los Angeles. Our own Nancy, traveled far off to the land of Clearlake for a week with her family. And Kathleen gets the award for most diverse miles traveled.  On Facebook, we will see photos of her in South Dakota and then Tahoe, and then Six Flags in Vallejo, all within a few weeks of each other.

As for me, Archer, my big trip will be to Michigan and then a week with a dear friend in Iowa. I’m supplementing that with walks at the river, some farmers’ markets and other local fun.

We will have door prizes for things other than the hula hoops that I have promised. So, if you are in town, bring your vacation photos (or not) and spend some time with us.

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