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There is still space in this class for this coming saturday!  Please join us!

NOVEMBER 16, 2013

8:00-9:00 A.M


at Archers Pilates Studio

497 Walnut st


If you are curious about the role, that that foam roll plays in identifying and engaging you core, this class is for you!

$12.50 for the class

Call or email to register 707 337 5802 or

Bring a friend!


Click on this link for a quick video

A video to perk up your day!

Follow the links on this Diamond Certified page for testimonials about the studio and other videos.

Have an excellent day!

It’s been a remarkable year.  

Thank you to all my clients and associates for your loyalty, love and support.

Watching old friends move on and new ones enter the studio is testimony to the bit of magic that is behind the running of any business.  

  The new face you may see in the studio is Julie Weinberg. She is  a teacher of Pilates teachers and has generously agreed to contribute her insights and expertise.  Who knows? maybe she will be offering classes or seeing clients in the New Year.

After Julie attended our Open Studio class on Monday she observed how independent and involved my clients are in designing their own sessions.  I am proud of my students as they appreciate how important the role that the mind plays in staying fit!

Archer’s Pilates & Massage
611 Soscol Ave (Corner Soscol Ave & 8th St.)

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