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Have you ever felt disloyal for trying out a new therapist? Going to a different chiropractor? Changing doctors?

Many clients feel that they should remain loyal to a particular massage therapist or fitness instructor, even though they might benefit from the skills of a variety of therapists and teachers. And, at many spas and fitness centers, internal competitiveness creates distance between the therapists/instructors who work there. These practitioners are careful not to “take” each other’s clients.

At Archer’s Pilates and massage, we believe that helping you build balance and wholeness through positive fitness practices, Pilates, and massage therapy, is best accomplished with collaboration. To that end, our studio is an open system of communication and healing practices.

What this means is that, with your health and well-being in mind, Archer and Nancy and I (Amber) routinely refer people to one another. We acknowledge and honor each other’s complementary (not competitive) gifts and skills. We recognize that each one of us — whether client or practitioner — is a dynamic, ever-changing being, and that what works for a person today might not work next month and vice versa.

We feel that a client can most benefit by taking advantage of all that we have to offer. So we encourage you to try a mat class with Nancy if you have not yet done so. Take a private Pilates session with Archer. Or receive massages from Amber and Archer. If you find you prefer one practitioner’s style over another’s, we are happy that you are finding what works best for you.

We’re here for you, not the other way around.

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