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I received a couple of postcards from clients on summer vacations and thought I’d share them with you, along with a reminder that time away from your usual routine—whether you travel or take walks in the park—is an important part of nurturing yourself.

New York – Looking North over Central Park

Archer, I wanted you to know that I rode my bike 3 times up the incline and can now see my waist! Absolutely no doubt this is due to the Pilates work you are doing with me. … See you next Tuesday!

The Gem Theater — American Jazz Museum in Kansas City, MO

And now, I’m off on my own extended weekend mini-vacation. I hope to see you again soon.

The studio will be closed July 19-July 23rd and August 24-31st.

How will you get away from it all this summer?


A Late Bloomer

Recently I have taken up three activities that make me so grateful for the strong core foundation that I have as a result of Pilates.

At the ripe old age of 51 I am now taking Dressage lessons, Shooting my bow and taking nourishing,  long walks at our local hillside wilderness park, Skyline, enjoying the benefits of being in nature.  The sun, the sounds of the wind in the trees, the birds, the lovely green hills with the little wildflowers. All activities that nourish my soul.

Archery for Archer

Enjoying new challenges...

What is it for you?  What does doing your requisite workout allow you to do?
Cultivating good health habits allows us to more fully enjoy the good times and gracefully negotiate the difficult times.

I am here to remind you, get out!  Move your body, fill your lungs, your eyes, your ears with the healing sounds of nature!

It’s been a remarkable year.  

Thank you to all my clients and associates for your loyalty, love and support.

Watching old friends move on and new ones enter the studio is testimony to the bit of magic that is behind the running of any business.  

  The new face you may see in the studio is Julie Weinberg. She is  a teacher of Pilates teachers and has generously agreed to contribute her insights and expertise.  Who knows? maybe she will be offering classes or seeing clients in the New Year.

After Julie attended our Open Studio class on Monday she observed how independent and involved my clients are in designing their own sessions.  I am proud of my students as they appreciate how important the role that the mind plays in staying fit!

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