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We are an earnest bunch, we Pilates instructors, life coaches, massage therapists, acupuncturists, chiropractors-etc.  You might assume that just because we are in these “healing vocations” that we are exempt from the daily health, financial, relationship issues.

The truth is many of us got into these professions in an attempt to address something out of balance in our own lives.

I was introduced to  Pilates in 2000, after hearing that I might have MS- I had been practicing massage for nearly 30 years, I was in good shape- and whoosh, out of the blue, one morning, I could not feel the bottoms of my feet and I was numb from my waist down.

 Upon the recommendation of my dear friend Becca Pronchick I began receiving Pilates sessions from Susan Branumm-very shortly after I signed up for her teachers training coarse and in 2002 I hung out my shingle.

My advice to you is if you are waiting to get into shape or get out of pain before you start a exercise program?  Don’t wait!  Start now! I specialize in working with people with health issues: post surgery, strains pains from aging, all of it, it is my pleasure and privilege to walk with you through those discouraging places into a life of more confidence, balance and ease. 

I am accepting new individual clients and for the month until September 28, my Five session package which usually sells for $415.00 is being offered at $375.00.

It is my hope that you will take the leap and give yourself the gift of this lift up.  Let me support you as you regain strength and balance, learn to maintain, and go on to attain your dreams.

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