In 2000 I experienced what appeared to be a Multiple Sclerosis flare up.  This event prompted me to take a year away from my massage practice and receive Pilates Sessions from Susan Brannum and also receive training in the Pilates Method.

I credit Pilates, Yoga and Somatics and Massage with restoring me to an almost symptomless state.

The tools I use are the Pilates apparatus, many props, and my ability to listen to the unspoken messages your body is sending you.

I specialize in working with people who are recovering from accidents, injuries and other health related issues.  I draw on my 30 years of experience in the massage and bodywork and wellness field.

I have been a massage therapist since 1984, I trained at the New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutic.

I have received Cranial Sacral training from the John Barnes Institute.

I have practiced Somatics since 1991

My mother and I were devotees of Richard Hittleman and Lilias yoga on Public TV!  I have practiced yoga since I was six years old.

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