Being willing to take imperfect action thats what it takes sometimes to move forward, just being willing to make a mistake, or appear a fool, or fail-takes courage!

Tackling those the  tasks that will move you forward in a significant way- is a concept that I am going to encourage you to adopt. Stephen Covey refers to them as the “big rocks”

My massage school pals. Sandia Crest 1983-ish

My massage school pals.
Sandia Crest 1983-ish

What will you do today that will improve your state of mind?  Make that phone you’ve been putting off, take a 20 minute walk, sign up for a class.

In my twenties I  was better able to address the need to connect with nature and I would often hike out into the desert and spend hours basking on the titan sized boulders-soaking in not only the sun and the sounds but I believed at the time I was also soaking in the wisdom of the earth.  Or so it felt at the time. Thats a photo of me and some friends during that time in my life when I was so much more brave!


 Intro to Pilates Mat on Saturday September 29th from 10:00-12:00 $15.00 for bring a friend and split the cost.

New class, Tuesday 7:00 a.m. a perfect partner class for the Thursday 7:00 a.m. $15.00 per class or $100.00 for eight classes