If it were not for the fact that I own a Pilates studio I would struggle with including exercise into my routine.  DSC_6380

Discipline is not a character trait that my friends and family would use to describe me and so teaching fitness is a built in tool.

Because this lack of discipline infiltrates all my life I’ve learned to build in support so that I can be disciplined. Even with my staying on track with my business I need help and so  My friend Ann Reynolds of Wine Compliance Alliance, knows that about me she and I partner up to  stay on track- to stay focused on our goals for our business’s.

My two Athletic dogs also keep me up and running-everyday if they don’t get their walk I hear about it! 

Build it in!

What do you need to sustain your fitness practice? I know that you can do it yourself, the question is do you? 

Ask yourself what do you need to keep it going? 

A partner?   a class? An athletic, insistent dog?

Every Tuesday & Thursday at 7:00 Debbie Dornous teaches a great 50 minutes express Pilates class. $15.00 per class or a package of 8 for $100.00.  Email or call before attending please.

Signing up for that early a.m. class-you can check “exercising” off your list of things to do for the day.  

And yes, taught well -Pilates twice a week is enough.

If you are new to Pilates Debbie Dornaus and I are presenting a two hour Introduction to Pilates class on Saturday September 29th 10:00-12:00. The cost is $15.00. Email or call for more info.

You will get to  meet us, see the studio and go home with some  exercises to do on your own.