Lindy Ruddiman

Lindy Ruddiman

Lorinda (Lindy) Ruddiman came to Archer for massage therapy more than twenty years ago, when Lindy was a young mother. Archer helped her through a couple of pregnancies and resulting back problems. However as the years passed, the demands of her career as a graphic designer, including long hours at her desk every day, intensified her back problems.

“The massages weren’t helping long term, chiropractors weren’t working, and I tried a yoga class which left me wounded. I ended up on bed rest. I knew then that I needed to find something that would help me, not hurt me. That’s when Archer stepped into my life again in a way that has absolutely transformed my life.”

Lindy’s Pilates practice has improved her core strength and reduced her back pain so much, she says she rarely has bad days any more, even though she now has her own business (Lorinda Designs) and still spends long hours creating wine label designs. Lindy credits Pilates for keeping her great shape. These days, she goes to the studio one day per week and does the rest of her practice at home. Sometimes she’ll move incorrectly—when gardening, for example—causing her back to flare up. But she knows what to do to bring herself back to health.

Lindy’s mother and two daughters also began Pilates lessons with Archer.

Ruddiman family

“All three of us have been helped by Archer. Both my daughters have joined me in classes when they’re in Napa. Mom went to Archer for a series of sessions alone with her. She’d been having a hard time getting up from chairs, and the core strengthening helped. She lived very well until her last day.

We all love Archer and she is one of the kindest, gentlest people, and very considerate to all of us. She knows that pushing us too hard can be detrimental, and makes a point of helping you learn to listen to your body. She is one of the nicest and smartest exercise instructors out there.”

When asked if she has anything she’d like to add, Lindy says, “[Pilates] is something that all age groups can do, it helps them and they can enjoy it.”

Core strength is a key to reducing many health problems. How can it help you?