Julie Henry and boys

Julie Henry with 2 of her boys.

July’s client in the spotlight is Julie Henry, a blacksmith and mother of three young boys (including twins). Yes, you read that right—a blacksmith (and twins!). Currently a stay-at-home mom, at least until her boys are in school, Julie designs and creates lighting systems for residential and commercial buildings, including restaurants. You can view some of her work at Hurley’s in Yountville, Buckhorn here in Napa, and the Cheesecake Factory restaurants.

Julie Henry Cooking with her youngest

Julie, cooking with Hugh

Julie began practicing Pilates seven years ago, a year before her first pregnancy, when she joined Archer’s mat class. “As a blacksmith, I knew I could be using my body better. Archer taught me how to use my core, which helped in my work because of all the hammering and lifting. Also, I used to ride my bike everywhere. My quads were overdeveloped and very tight. Archer helped me learn how to stretch and help the muscles let go. Now, I’m more flexible.”

From the mat classes, Julie eventually graduated to using the Pilates machines. “Pilates was a great help throughout both pregnancies,” Julie says. “Great for staying toned while pregnant and for getting my body back afterwards.” Currently, Julie attends one mat class a week, but plans on going twice a week when she has more free time.

When asked what advice she would give to Pilates newbies, Julie says:

It takes a long time to teach your body how to do Pilates, because there’s a lot of body memory involved, but it’s worth the reward because you can maximize your workout in a short amount of time. You can get a good workout in 45 minutes.


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