Are you ready to try a new fitness activity?  Do you just need motivation to get going?

I find that the “fun” is often taken out of the “fitness” in our lives.  When we look at physical activity as nothing but a chore, something we HAVE to do, we are taking away the positive energy that physical activity brings to us.  We are eliminating the exact thing we should be striving to attain.

Don’t over-think exercise.   Sometimes the most impromptu every day events of our lives can lead to fantastic possibilities.  You don’t have to make exercise fancy, it doesn’t have to be expensive and it can be FUN.

Recently one of our own, Elizabeth Bosch, discovered rowing while taking her son for an appointment.  She is enjoying the process, has become part of a team and has used her Pilates in her rowing.  Her arms are toned, she is feeling stronger and she is ENJOYING it.  

Make plans with a friend to do something that involves physical activity!  The weather is great.  Among us are hikers, swimmers, gardeners, runners and triathlon athletes.  Our possibilities are endless.

Regular Exercise helps fight disease, control blood pressure and cholesterol.  You are less likely to develop diabetes if you exercise.

Exercise regularly to :  Maintain a healthy body weight; control the pain and joint swelling that accompany arthritis; maintain lean muscle;  have healthier levels of self-esteem and self-confidence.

Find a FUN fitness activity and experience an over-all feeling of well-being and good health.

Yours In Health,

Nancy Butler